Bacoban in Middle East

Montréal, Québec, Canada – 16 May 2022 Bacoban International is proud to announce the signing of a master’s license agreement for the marketing, manufacturing and distribution of 2020 award-for best long-term anti-pathogen winning product, Bacoban for the Middle East excluding UAE.

Bacoban International has been working in the Middle East regions for a couple of years. The Middle East has been hit with MERS-CoV – Middle East respiratory syndrome, COVID 19 and many more infections caused by bacteria’s and viruses.

We wanted a Master Distributor that has a recognized business and familiar with regulations, certification processes and distribution protocols.

A new manufacturing and distribution partnership with Mursi United Company LLC will give the accessibility to Ropimex R. Opel line of products that are efficient anti-pathogen products to the Middle East distributors and retailers.

« Bacoban, is an innovative product that uses State of the Art technology. It has a fast disinfection time and lasts up to 10 days. It is also water-based and Eco-friendly. We are happy to partner with Bacoban and Ropimex » says Mr. Mohammed Sajid Askari, CEO of Mursi United Company LLC.

About Mursi United Company LLC: Incorporated in 2006, Mursi United Company under its umbrella has the following divisions:

  • IT – Customer focused software solutions and supply of Hardware
  • HSE – Mobile Clinics and management of Health and Safety related services
  • Medical Equipment – Supply of Covid Testing devices and kits
  • Spa and Wellness – Body and Sole organic Spa. In the process of Opening the regions First Detox centre – “FIRDOUS” Wellness and Detox.

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Mr. Mohammed Sajid Askari
Mursi United Company LLC

About Bacoban International

A group of companies responsible for the licensing and the marketing worldwide of Ropimex R. Opel’s products.

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Mr. Dominic Voyer
Bacoban International

Ms. Audrey Anne Gaudreault