Bacoban in Republic of India

Montréal, Québec, Canada – April 21, 2021: Bacoban International is proud to announce the signing of a master’s license agreement for the marketing, manufacturing and distribution of 2020 award-for best long term anti-pathogen winning product, Bacoban for the Republic of India.

A new manufacturing and distribution partnership with AXL Solutions, KMG Intl. and Darwin Group will give the accessibility to Ropimex R. Opel line of products that are efficient anti-pathogen products to the Republic of India distributors and retailers.

‘’Bacoban, a pioneering German Innovation based on advance nanotechnology which provides a 10-day proven surface protection. It holds international patents, and this product is a breakthrough in the fight to improve health safety’’. « I see hundreds of new products every year that are presented to us for development and manufacture. To date Bacoban is the most relevant and most technically advanced product that we have come across and we are happy to partner with Bacoban and Ropimex” says Mr. Neal Malani, President of KMG Intl.

Darwin Industries is very excited to partner with Axl Solutions to introduce this new industry standard of pathogens combat into the Indian market, it will align with our present activities to reduce the risk to the Indian community in India” says Mr. Ajay Harinath Singh, Chairman, Darwin Platform Group of Companies.

About AXL Solutions: A Canadian company specializes in wipes solution for disinfection.

About KMG Intl: KMG is a 65-year family company based in Hong Kong that is an OEM specialist for distinguished clients such as Sony, Nintendo, Hasbro, Logitech. KMG Intl. is also an active participant in the manufacture and distribution of top-class PPE products that have been distributed around the world. KMG is a manufacturer of applied cutting-edge technologies and is happy to include Bacoban within its line of next generation nanotechnology-based disinfection solutions.

About Darwin Group: A visionary group that is to be the market’s pioneer with its unique strategy to create a niche in every sector it has forayed into.

About Bacoban International: A group of companies responsible for the licensing and the marketing worldwide of Ropimex R. Opel’s products.

For more information: Mr. Dominic Voyer

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