Bacoban in Mexico

Montréal, Québec, Canada – November 09, 2021: Bacoban International is proud to announce that has obtained COFEPRIS certification for Bacoban products in Mexico. has held since April 2020 the master’s license agreement for the marketing, manufacturing and distribution of 2020 award-for best long-term anti-pathogen winning product, Bacoban for Mexico.

‘’Bacoban, a pioneering German Innovation based on advance nanotechnology which provides a 10-day proven surface protection. It holds international patents, and this product is a breakthrough in the fight to improve health safety’’ say Mr. Jonathan Ortiz Mateos, President of Ortiz & Viveros Construcciones S.A. DE CV. -

About Ortiz & Viveros Construcciones S.A. DE CV: A Mexican company in Business since 2013 and specialize in engineering services and suppliers’ equipment and product.

About Bacoban International: A group of companies responsible for the licensing and the marketing worldwide of Ropimex R. Opel’s products.

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Mr. Dominic Voyer
Bacoban International