• Completely biodegradable.
  • Made from natural resources
  • Skin friendly
  • Not toxic to animals and to plants life.​
  • Keep work surfaces and drainage pipes free from grease.
  • Cleaning of company buildings, stables and machines.
  • Keep tracks free from oil, clean rail vehicles and railway lines.
  • Cleaning of oil-contaminated animals.

Cleaner and Degreaser

BACOBAN GC is a bioactive, water-soluble Cleaning Agent, that solubilises staining generated by fats and oils and thus ensures their complete biodegradation. It includes innovative surfactants which possess enormous cleaning power.  Moreover BACOBAN GC ....

  • is neither water-polluting nor harmful to animals and plants
  • does not harm any organisms
  • non-corrosive to paints, plastics or other materials
  • skin friendly
  • totally biodegrades within a few days and is non-toxic for the environment, humans and animals
  • contains ingredients from controlled ecological farming

BACOBAN GC can be used

  • for large-scale Kitchens,Takeaways, Bakeries, Catering, Hotels,Washrooms and similar environments.
  • for Industry, Garages, Machinery, Repair Shops, Production lines and Workshops, Petrol Stations, Tank Cleaning, etc.
  • for environmental use, cleaning of building yards, rail stations, airports and roads, farmyards, etc
  • for odour control, especially neutralising oil taint.
  • for water management and wastewater treatment plants
  • for soil remediation, agricultural soils

Cleaning with the power of nature is your active contribution to environmental protection.