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Bacoban an innovative new disinfectant that offers residual effect through nanotechnology. Bacoban is a disinfectant with a fast disinfection time (within 5 minutes), a long lasting anti-viral effect against bacterias, viruses and fungi. Once evaporated, Bacoban forms a “nano-sponge”. Through this nano-sponge layer are biocides which, following contamination, diffuse to the surface where they kill viruses, bacterias and fungis with a residual effect, long-term effect of up to 10 days.

Bacoban can be used as an alternative cleaner and disinfectant of choice to provide superior anti-pathogen protection, with a residual effect. Bacoban can also, easily be integrated into established cleaning and disinfection programs and add “The Bacoban Advantage”. Bacoban, designed for today’s hygiene standards, will help you improve overall infection control.



Bacoban products

Disinfection with residual effect - for additional safety

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Bacoban® AB

Ready-to-use solution for the disinfection of alcohol-resistant surfaces Details for Bacoban® AB >

Bacoban®WB Alcohol-free Disinfection and Cleaning

Alcohol-free surface disinfection and cleaning Details for Bacoban ®WB >

Bacoban®DL Ready-to-use solution for alcohol-free surface

Ready-to-use solution for alcohol-free surface disinfection and cleaning Details for Bacoban®DL >

Bacoban®DL Wipes

Alcohol-free wipes for surface disinfection and cleaning Details for Bacoban®DL Wipes >

Bacoban® Vaporiser

Bacoban® Vaporiser for surface disinfection Details for Bacoban® Vaporiser >

Bacoban®DL 3% for Vaporiser

Ready-to-use solution for Vaporiser - water based.Details for Bacoban®DL 3% >

Pedexan® Shoe disinfection

Shoe disinfection. Fights bacteria and fungi, frees shoes from unpleasant odours. Details for Pedexan® >

DEXAN® Hand disinfection

Ready to use alcohol-based hand disinfection. Details for DEXAN® Hand disinfection >


The situation
The number of infections by micro-organisms, especially in the hospital area, has grown tremendously. This is why infection control and reduction of the infection foci have become a special challenge. Up to 800,000 patients become ill every year with nosocomial infections in German hospitals alone. About 50,000 patients die from the results. In addition, there has been a large increase in MRSA infections, from 1.7% in 1990 up to more than 20% now. An MRSA rate of 50% is assumed in countries such as Japan, USA, England, Spain and France.

The problem
Conventional disinfectants are effective immediately, but only for a short period. Microorganisms are only killed during the few minutes of the duration of the active period. After that, when the disinfectant has evaporated, the areatreated is again subjected to microbial strains. Until the next disinfection, a hygiene gap results, in which there can be a repeated settlement by micro-organisms.

 Bacoban®: Disinfection with long-lasting effect & Closes your hygiene gap


A multifunctional disinfectant on the basis of chemical nano-technology.

Alongside the proven direct germicidal and virucidal effect, Bacoban® also has two further highly effective mechanisms:

1) Anti-microbial effect for up to 10 days (bactericidal, fungicidal)
After evaporation of the disinfectant, Bacoban® forms a nano-sponge and stores biocides, which diffuse in the event of contamination/settlement onto the surface and kill the bacteria and fungi - for up to 10 days

2) Easy-to-clean surface: reduction of the cleaning requirements by more than 50%: 
The nano-sponge additionally establishes an easy-to-clean surface, which reduces the cleaning necessary by more than 50%.