GreenClean Industrial

Ecological Degreaser

BACOBAN GC can be used for Industry, Garages, Machinery, Repair Shops, Production lines and Workshops, Petrol Stations, Tank Cleaning and similar environments.

Degrease components, clean machines, workplaces, floor, engines. BACOBAN GC is ideal for degreasing tasks in the metal industry. It removes most kinds of fats and oils be they synthetic, mineral, animal or vegetable.

BACOBAN GC is suitable for the removal of carbon black, for cleaning machine parts, engine blocks, work places, containers, concrete floors, and can be used in soak cleaning stations or as a cooling fluid.

Significaly BACOBAN GC neutralizes unpleasant odours, such as smells from diesel or fuel oil.

BACOBAN GC may be drained into the public sewage system. Small parts  and complex items can be cleaned with BACOBAN GC in any receptacle.