GreenClean Restaurant

Bioactive Water-soluble Cleaning Agent

BACOBAN GC can be used for large-scale Kitchens, Takeaways, Bakeries, Catering and similar  environments. Keep work surfaces and drainage pipes free from grease.

The usage of BACOBAN GC prevents drains and filters becoming blocked by grease or fat residues. It can also be used to clean grease-soiled ovens or baking trays and floors contaminated with grease or fat. Extraction hoods and their filters and numerous similar items can also be cleaned with BACOBAN GC.

Regular use of BACOBAN GC prevents the formation of grease residues. BACOBAN GC helps to keep your large-scale kitchen premises clean.

  • BACOBAN GC is non-combustible and entirely biodegradable, without any harmful impact on the environment.
  • The liquid is, of course, free of any chlorine.

After the application of  BACOBAN GC, the greasy layer is removed and all residual water can be rinsed away into the drainage system where it will continue to act as a dispersive agent.